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Join one of the Tournaments and Predict the Price Movement of the asset.

What is FxRapid?
FXRapid is a first of its kind prediction platform for Crypto and Forex Traders with low risk and high returns.
  1. We are creating a platform for traders to predict the price movements of assets and win cash.
  2. The participant with closest prediction will win maximum cash followed by second, third etc.
  3. We already created few pools to participate and win cash. However, you can also create a pool and launch the tournament.
  4. We keep everything transparent and you can check your strike anytime.
  5. Along with that you can also keep checking what others are predicting and make your prediction accordingly.
Our model is first of its kind and there are no hidden brokerage charges. We take a small cut from the pool prize for providing the platform for users.
The payments are accepted and withdrawn via Bitcoin. You can withdraw your prize money anytime from your wallet. Payments are processed within an hour upon request.
The total volume of Global Forex trading per week is:
$ 4 Trillion
Under these conditions, we will create a world-class product that differs favorably from all existing forex brokers.
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Assets Available to Trade
Depending on the demand from Traders we listed few Crypto and Forex pairs for prediction. However, if you request we can include more in future;
Bitcoin (BTC/USD)
Etherum (ETH/USD)